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Buying your property

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What are the steps involved in purchasing a property?

  1. Find a property
  2. Arrange a mortgage (if nessesary)
  3. Instruct a solicitor
  4. The mortgage company will carry out a valuation on the property and you may choose to ask a surveyor to carry out a home buyers report or full survey
  5. The vendor’s solicitor supplies draft contract and title deeds on the property to your solicitor
  6. Your solicitor will check the above, carry out various searches and raise any queries with the vendor's solicitor.
  7. Once your solicitor is satisfied and in receipt of a mortgage offer you proceed to sign contracts and agree a completion date.
  8. You provide the vendor with the deposit via your solicitor
  9. Contracts are exchanged and you arrange Buildings and Contents insurance
  10. Your solicitor pays remainder of purchase price to vendor's solicitor and agreed completion date and completion takes place.
  11. The vendor’s solicitor confirms completion has taken place and arrangents are made to hand over the keys.
  12. You move in!

When you buy a property you will typically incur these costs:

  1. Solicitor's fees (including stamp duty, local authority searches)
  2. Part payments on council tax, ground rents, service charges
  3. Purchase deposit (typically 10% of the purchase price)
  4. Property insurance and household contents insurance
  5. Mortgage (including indemnity premium and fees - often added to the loan)
  6. Surveyor's fees
  7. Removal firm Services
  8. Services (any utilities that need to be reconnected, mail redirection)
  9. Life assurance and mortgage insurance (if relevant to your requirements)
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