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How do we determine a property price?

Richard Evans and Richard Chamberlain have a wealth of experience valuing all types of property throughout Oxfordshire. When we determine a property price we use comparable past and current sales data as well as drawing on our considerable knowledge  to provide you with a valuation.

Property valuations:

A visit to your property – once you have decided to sell, a director will personally visit you to provide an estimated valuation based on the size, age, current condition of your property, and comparable sales in the area.

Why use Chamberlain Evans to sell your home?

At Chamberlain Evans we are driven to obtain the best possible price for your property.  We believe that our traditional and ultra modern marketing techniques will unlock the maximum potential of your property. We aim to offer the absolute highest levels of service throughout and are always on hand to offer professional advice when needed.

Reasons to instruct Chamberlain Evans to sell your property

  • Your property will be handled by a senior member of staff from instruction to completion. Accountable and contactable at a time to suit you.
  • Maximim exposure for your property via sophisticated online advertising including, and many other far reaching property portals.
  • A vast applicant database constantly matching buyers to your property, managed by the latest software
  • Traditional newspaper advertising and high quality sales particulars with floorplans.
  • Accompanied viewings by experienced estate agents selling the benefits of your property.
  • Purely independent – we only work for you!
  • Comprehensive advise and help with your onward purchase
  • Accurate Valuation

How do I increase the value of my property?

  • If it needs it, give the front door a coat of paint.
  • Fill in and redecorate any cracks to walls and ceilings.
  • Put a lock on any rear gate.
  • Spring-clean the property throughout.
  • Weed and clean up the garden.
  • Consider the layout of your rooms to maximise a feeling of space - some rooms can look much smaller when there is a lot of furniture or clutter.
  • If you are marketing a small room as a 'bedroom' it may be useful to dress it as such to demonstrate that it can indeed fit a bed.
  • Before you do any significant redecoration, discuss it with your estate agent. They may be of the opinion that it's not necessary, or advise you to stick to neutral colours.
  • Make sure the shower works and is free from mould - and perhaps consider upgrading it.

How do I prepare for property viewings?

  • Make the place as tidy as possible and open the windows to let in fresh air.
  • Have a place where you can quickly hide clutter and rubbish if the viewing is at short notice.
  • Vacuum clean and dust the main rooms.
  • Clean the bathroom sinks, toilets and baths.
  • Put some flowers in the main room.
  • Draw the curtains fully back to get maximum daylight in the rooms.
  • On dull days, turn all the lights on and light any fire in the main room.
  • Turn the television and radio off (light music is fine).
  • Close all windows that are affected by background noise (traffic, trains etc).
  • Try not to let pets and children interrupt the viewing; keep them occupied.
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